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Normal and Malignant FFPE Human Tissue Blocks, Sections, and Slides

Superior BioDiagnostics’ FFPE Human Tissue of Every Type

Superior BioDiagnostics stores thousands of normal, malignant, and disease-positive FFPE human tissue blocks, sections, and slides from various anatomic sites within our biospecimen repository. Our biobank stores specimens that are 100% US-procured and available for next-day shipping. We ensure that every FFPE human tissue sample received comes from facilities that comply with stringent national and international protocols. 

With many of our human tissue samples, Superior BioDiagnostics’ specialists can include data on the sample’s tumor type (if applicable), TNM stage, or histologic grade, and donor demographics to enhance your research. Below are the various types of FFPE human tissue samples we offer to our clients:

Superior BioDiagnostics retrieves ethically sourced breast tissue samples from a variety of patients. We provide malignant, normal, and disease-ridden breast biopsy tissues to global researchers.

Our biobank contains a multitude of brain tissue samples for your analysis. Superior BioDiagnostics’ team only collects the finest biospecimens ensuring quality control is prioritized from collection to delivery.

Perform tests and deepen your research with Superior BioDiagnostics’ lung tissue samples. Whether you need disease-state or normal lung specimens, Superior BioDiagnostics’ repository has what you need.

Our skin tissue repository includes samples from the epidermal, dermal, and hypodermal layers. Malignant, normal, and disease-state skin tissue samples are available for next-day delivery from the Superior BioDiagnostics biobank.

Superior BioDiagnostics offers cervical tissue samples from numerous donors. We collect and deliver cancerous, disease-state, and normal cervical tissue samples.

Our colon tissue samples are received from facilities nationwide following strict global standards. Superior BioDiagnostics’ team keeps malignant, normal, and diseased colonoscopy biospecimens.

Order endoscopy tissue samples to perform tests, find answers, and make new discoveries. Superior BioDiagnostics’ technicians receive endoscopy tissue from facilities around the US practicing strict quality control and patient confidentiality standards.

Superior BioDiagnostics’ endometrial tissue samples are available at our facility for your research purposes. We offer normal, malignant, and disease-state uterus tissue samples for laboratories and scientists internationally.

Cancerous, disease-state, and normal epithelial tissue samples are available at Superior BioDiagnostics’ lab. Our epithelial tissue samples can be ordered online to be received the next day! Don’t wait any longer to further your research.

Superior BioDiagnostics’ muscle tissue supply covers the cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscle groups. Whether you need normal or malignant muscle tissue samples, our team can ship them to you for next-day delivery.

We can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. With thousands of human tissue samples in Superior BioDiagnostics’ biobank caters to a variety of customized research needs. Learn more about the varied types of biospecimens we offer!

Order Superior BioDiagnostics’ Varying FFPE Human Tissue Samples

Go further in your scientific research with the help of Superior BioDiagnostics’ FFPE human tissue samples. Order online and receive your tissue samples the next day or contact us to learn more about what Superior BioDiagnostics’ biospecimen repository offers.