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FFPE Human Tissue Samples

Normal, Malignant, and Disease-State FFPE Tissue Blocks, Sections, and Slides

Superior BioDiagnostics is a high-quality biospecimen provider for researchers around the globe. We specialize in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) and fresh-frozen human tissue samples from a wide variety of anatomical sites. Below are a few types of human tissue samples we carry at our biobank:

Since 2016, we have offered 100% US-procured tissue samples to researchers for testing, quality control, analysis, and other research purposes. Over the years, Superior BioDiagnostics’ normal, cancerous, and disease-state FFPE and fresh-frozen tissue samples have enabled countless medical studies. We provide next-day shipping for FFPE and fresh-frozen tissue samples in the form of blocks, sections, and slides to fit your specific needs. When we ship out our biospecimens, we can include data on tumor types (if applicable), TNM stages, histologic grades, and donor demographics to catalyze your discoveries. We also include new testing results for PD-L1 protein expressions upon request. Quality is our #1 priority. Superior BioDiagnostics’ biospecimens are sourced from US medical facilities that follow strict national and international guidelines. Take a look below at the staple products we ship to worldwide researchers:

Superior BioDiagnostics’ normal FFPE tissue samples of every type are available for immunohistochemistry (IHC), in situ hybridization (ISH), Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), and control purposes. Our biospecimens can include information on TNM stage, histologic grade, and donor demographics. If needed, we can oftentimes offer matched biofluid sets from the same donor!

Our biospecimen repository holds cancerous tissue, with or without molecular mutations ready for your study. Superior BioDiagnostics also holds disease-state FFPE tissue samples affected by illnesses in the following areas: cardiovascular, liver, diabetic, respiratory, inflammatory, and more.

We carry FFPE tissue samples sourced from various anatomic sites including the following: breast, brain, lungs, skin, cervix, colon, esophagus, uterus, and more. Whether you need malignant, normal, or disease-state FFPE tissue samples, Superior BioDiagnostics has them ready for you at our biobank.

International Shipping for Superior BioDiagnostics’ Human Tissue Samples

Improve the quality of human life and progress in your scientific field with the help of Superior BioDiagnostics’ human tissue samples. Whether you’d like FFPE or fresh-frozen tissue samples, order your biospecimens and receive your shipment the next day! If you’d like more information or have questions about our products, contact us to hear from Superior BioDiagnostics’ team

Superior BioDiagnostics Proudly Supplies Human Tissue Samples to World-Class Researchers