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FFPE Human Lung Tissue Samples

FFPE Lung Tissue Samples For Superior Researchers

Use Superior BioDiagnostics 100% US-procured human lung tissue samples for your analysis, study, and research needs. Our biobank contains thousands of malignant, disease-state, and normal lung tissue samples available for your scientific needs. For years, we’ve built long-term connections with nationwide medical facilities which has helped us develop an expansive collection of high-quality specimens at our biobank. Since 2016, Superior BioDiagnostics’ repository has offered the finest FFPE lung tissue samples to worldwide researchers, scientific organizations, and commercial laboratories. Our team is passionate about seeing the medical industry progress and improve the quality of human life; we believe our biospecimens can help make that happen. With Superior BioDiagnostics’ resources, you can change the course of scientific research.

When you order from Superior BioDiagnostics, we ensure the lung tissue samples you receive are 100% ethically sourced. Every lung tissue sample is sourced from United States facilities that adhere to worldwide quality control practices. We’re determined to provide you with a diverse set of lung tissue samples to choose from for your analysis, research studies, and diagnostic purposes. With Superior BioDiagnostics’ preparation and preservation methods, we guarantee that you’ll be working with stable and reliable materials from the start.

We specialize in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples, but that’s not all we offer. Superior BioDiangostics’ biobank also holds fresh-frozen tissue and matched biofluid sets to add to your research results. Our team also provides detailed testing services on each biospecimen such as histologic grades, TNM stages, patient demographics, and more. It’s time to be an innovative researcher in your field of study. Contact Superior BioDiagnostics to receive your lung tissue samples the next day.

Wide-Ranging FFPE Lung Tissue Samples

Whether you need lung tissue samples in the form of blocks, slides, or sections, Superior BioDiagnostics’ team has what you’re looking for. Here are the 3 types of samples we ship internationally:

  • Normal human lung tissue
  • Malignant lung biospecimens
  • Varied disease-state lung tissue 

With most shipments, we can provide important information on the biospecimen including its tumor type (if necessary), histological grade, and TNM stage. We also supply the donor’s demographics such as gender, age, and ethnicity. If needed, Superior BioDiagnostics can also test most lung tissue samples for IHC results to discover their molecular mutation expressions.

Superior BioDiagnostics’ Preservation Techniques


Superior BioDiagnostics’ specialty is formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) lung tissue samples. This method preserves the vital proteins and structures held within each biospecimen. Scientists and laboratories have relied on FFPE techniques for decades to protect and maintain human tissue samples. Order your FFPE lung tissue samples today to see why this preservation technique is a favorite among modern researchers.

We Also Offer

Fresh-Frozen Lung Tissue: Enhance your research with our fresh-frozen lung tissue samples. Using liquid nitrogen, Superior BioDiagnostics’ fresh-frozen biospecimens are kept in pristine condition from collection to delivery.

Matching Biofluid Sets: Receive Superior BioDiagnostics’ matched lung tissue samples with other biofluids from the same donor. Our matching biofluid sets will aid you in greater scientific discoveries.

Unprocessed Remnant Samples: Superior BioDiagnostics also provides unprocessed and leftover remnant lung tissue samples. We are proud to be a biobank that offers a wide variety of biospecimens to cater to a diverse set of needs.

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Receive the superior biospecimens you need to further your scientific studies. Superior BioDiagnostics’ FFPE lung tissue samples can be used for research in the following disciplines: oncology, spatial biology, hematology, immunology, and more. Fill out the form below to request a quote from our team. We’ll get back to you shortly!

    Lung Tissue Samples That Adhere to Strict Quality Control

    Superior BioDiagnostics collects biospecimens that meet stringent industry standards. Our 100% US-procured lung tissue samples undergo extreme quality control testing every step of the process.

    Superior BioDiagnostics adheres to International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories’ (ISBER) Best Practices for Repositories. ISBER’s protocols ensure the collection, storage, retrieval, and distribution of lung tissue samples and other biospecimens is entirely ethical.

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