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FFPE Epithelial Tissue Samples

A Vast Selection of Epithelial Tissue Samples

Superior BioDiagnostics holds a diverse set of epithelial tissue samples including normal, malignant, and disease-state biospecimens. We ship internationally and can include important data with each order such as the tissue’s histologic grades, TNM stages, donor demographics, and more. Our biospecimens are sourced from US facilities that adhere to uncompromising quality control practices. We prioritize quality and ethics every step of the way. Since 2016, Superior BioDiagnostics’ team has helped countless clients perform vital studies in hematopathology, dermatopathology, and diagnostic research resulting in treatments for numerous health concerns. Our team of technicians provides worldwide researchers with FFPE tissue, fresh-frozen biospecimens, and matching biofluid sets needed to improve the quality of human health. 

Each biospecimen at Superior BioDiagnostics can be shipped internationally. With each shipment, our team provides necessary data on each epithelial tissue sample such as histologic grades, TNM stages, donor demographics, and more. From collection to delivery, Superior BioDiagnostics adheres to strict international quality control guidelines. We know how important it is to have the highest-grade tissue samples on hand for research, analysis, and testing purposes. Don’t wait to partner with a reliable biobank that serves the international medical research community. Superior BioDiagnostics’ biospecimen services are what you need to succeed in your scientific field.

We’ll provide next-day shipping on every epithelial tissue sample ordered! Advance your research and discover answers with Superior BioDiagnostics’ FFPE epithelial human tissue samples. Get in touch with our technicians to gain the resources you need to become a leading voice in your industry.

Varying FFPE Epithelial Biospecimens

Superior BioDiagnostics’ biobank is stocked with the highest-quality FFPE epithelial tissue samples. Below are the 3 types of epithelial specimens we offer at our biobank: 

We offer next-day shipping so that you can meet your research deadlines. Superior BioDiagnostics’ team also includes data regarding the biospecimen such as its tumor type (if necessary), histological grade, and TNM stage. We can also supply the donor’s demographics such as gender, age, and location. Our team can test each epithelial biospecimen for IHC results or discover their molecular mutation expressions.

Our Chosen Preservation Methods


Superior BioDiagnostics’ primarily offers formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) epithelial tissue samples. Our FFPE epithelial biospecimens are a vital part of experimental research, examination, and diagnostic/drug development. FFPE methods have been used by scientific researchers worldwide for decades. Order Superior BioDiagnostics’ FFPE epithelial tissue samples to obtain human tissue samples in the purest condition.

We Also Offer

Fresh-Frozen Epithelial Tissue: Frozen in liquid nitrogen, Superior BioDiagnostics’ fresh-frozen epithelial specimens enhance research and provide needed results. Our 100% US-procured fresh-frozen tissue samples are just what you need to succeed in your scientific field of study. 

Matching Biofluid Sets: Order our matching epithelial samples with other biofluids from the same donor. Superior BioDiagnostics’ matched biofluids extend your scientific research to new levels. 

Unprocessed Remnant Samples: We also ship unprocessed and leftover remnant epithelial biospecimens. When you partner with Superior BioDiagnostics, you’ll gain access to over 5,000 biospecimens.

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Our FFPE epithelial tissue samples are used for oncology, spatial biology, hematology, immunology, and more. Request a quote from our team and invest in our proven biospecimen services.

    100% US-Procured Epithelial Tissue Samples

    Quality is our #1 priority at Superior BioDiagnostics. Superior BioDiagnostics’ US-procured tissue samples pass quality control testing. Invest in biospecimen services you can trust with Superior BioDiagnostics!

    Superior BioDiagnostics follows the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories’ (ISBER) Best Practices for Repositories. ISBER’s guidelines ensure the collection, storage, retrieval, and distribution of epithelial tissue samples and other biospecimens is 100% ethical.

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