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FFPE Breast Tissue Samples

FFPE Breast Tissue Samples For Innovative Research Purposes

Ethically sourced breast tissue samples that are available for next-day shipping? Superior BioDiagnostics makes it possible. With years of experience in the medical field, our experts know how important it is for researchers to have access to a biospecimen repository with an array of normal, diseased, and malignant breast tissue and breast biopsy tissue samples. That’s why Superior BioDiagnostics is here to supply your every need. Our FFPE breast tissue samples are ready and waiting to be used for your analysis and research. Every breast tissue sample at our biobank is sourced from US facilities that follow strict national and international quality protocols. Utilize Superior BioDiagnostics’ breast biopsy tissue samples to enhance your scientific research.

Superior BioDiagnostics holds an expansive repository of breast tissue samples. Whatever type of biospecimen you need, it’s with our technicians ready to be shipped to your laboratory. With a large network of international partners, we constantly source high-quality normal, malignant, and disease-positive breast tissue samples with specific characteristics for a variety of disease indications.

Since 2016, we’ve provided commercial labs, clinical research organizations, pharma developers, and more with high-quality breast biopsy tissue samples. Superior BioDiagnostics’ long-term clients have made massive headway in scientific research with the help of our FFPE breast biopsy tissue samples. Contact us to learn how our biospecimen samples can further your research!

Varied FFPE Breast Tissue Samples

Superior BioDiagnostics is proud to offer an assortment of FFPE breast tissue samples for research purposes. Below are the types of biospecimens we ship to laboratories:

  • Normal breast tissue
  • Breast cancer tissue samples
  • Other disease-positive breast biopsy tissue (including STIs)

When our technicians ship breast tissue samples, they can provide a thorough rundown on information such as the tissue’s TNM stage, histologic grade, tumor type (if applicable), and donor demographics. If needed, Superior BioDiagnostics can test every breast biopsy sample for IHC (Immunohistochemistry) results and find important molecular mutation data.

Superior BioDiagnostics’ Proven Preservation Methods


Superior BioDiagnostics’ formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) breast tissue samples have been a staple of research needs for decades. Our FFPE tissue samples preserve proteins and vital structures held within the biospecimen ensuring you get only the highest quality breast biopsy tissue samples.

We Also Offer

Fresh-Frozen Breast Tissue: Best used for molecular genetic analysis or similar research purposes. Superior BioDiagnostic supplies protected breast tissue samples that have been frozen in liquid nitrogen.

Matched Biofluids: Elevate your research by matching breast biopsy tissue with biofluids from the same donor. Matching blood donations, bone marrow, and other liquid samples are available from our biobank.

Unprocessed Remnant Samples: Receive a patient’s unprocessed remnant breast biopsy tissue. Superior BioDiagnostics ships varied unprocessed tissue waiting to be studied by you and your team. 

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    We Provide Only the Best Breast Tissue Samples

    Here at Superior BioDiagnostics, we don’t sacrifice quality at any point of our process. From procuring the tissue to delivering it, we prioritize quality control and patient consent every step of the way. When you choose Superior BioDiagnostics, you select some of the finest-grade breast tissue and breast biopsy tissue samples available.

    We adhere to the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories’ (ISBER) Best Practices for Repositories. These strict guidelines ensure the collection, storage, retrieval, and distribution of breast tissue samples and other biospecimens is ethical and professionally handled 100% of the way.

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