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Disease-State and Cancerous FFPE Tissue Samples

Superior BioDiagnostics’ disease-positive and malignant FFPE human tissue samples are ready to be used for your scientific research.

Your Choice Biospecimen Provider for Various Disease-Positive and Malignant FFPE Tissue Samples

If you’d like to better understand the tumor microenvironment, investing in Superior BioDiagnostics’ cancer tissue samples are the next step in furthering your research. We carry malignant biospecimens from practically any anatomical region including the breast, brain, lungs, skin, cervix, colon, esophagus, and uterus. Superior BioDiagnostics offers a vast range of specialized tumor tissue samples. We carry FFPE biopsy tissue samples of the following tumor types:

Superior BioDiagnostics also carries a diverse set of disease-state tissues that aren’t cancerous, but are otherwise pathological. Our FFPE biospecimens can come from tissues presenting diseases in the following areas: cardiovascular, liver, diabetic, respiratory, infectious, renal, dermatological, inflammatory/autoimmune, and more. Every tissue sample from our repository can be supplied along with data on the biospecimen’s molecular mutations and tumor type (if applicable), TNM stage, histologic grades, and IHC results. Our technicians can also identify the donor’s demographics such as age, gender, and location for each tissue sample.

For deeper insight, Superior BioDiagnostics can also offer matched biofluid sets to accompany cancerous or disease-state human tissue samples. Whether you order disease-positive or malignant FFPE human tissue samples, our team can pair them with matching biofluids from the same donor upon request. With the combination of Superior BioDiagnostics’ tissue and fluid biosamples, you can explore the genetic changes that occur within human tissue and how these changes relate to patients’ survival or response to treatment.

Order High-Quality Disease-Positive and Cancerous Tissue Samples Today

For 7 years, we’ve helped numerous laboratories and scientists further their research with Superior BioDiagnostics’ finest malignant and disease-state FFPE human tissue samples. Whether you need breast cancer tissue samples or biospecimens containing traces of an autoimmune disease, we’ve got them at our repository. 

Superior BioDiagnostics receives FFPE human tissue samples from medical facilities nationwide that follow strict quality standards and protect donor privacy. From collection to delivery, we ensure that quality is our #1 priority. Order your samples today, and we’ll provide next-day delivery to your lab. Superior BioDiagnostics will also cater to specific research needs. Contact us for more information about our biospecimen solutions.