Superior Pathology


Superior BioDiagnostics

Superior BioDiagnostics provides high quality FFPE human tissue blocks with known diagnosis. We procure and process tissue samples and biospecimens using strict quality control protocols. We have thousands of biospecimens in our repository ready to be shipped to laboratories, researchers, pharmaceutical developers and other medical facilities nationwide. We ensure that strict guidelines are followed to protect donor confidentiality.  The samples are identifiable only by assigned accession numbers to ensure confidentiality.  

Superior BioDiagnostics was founded by individuals with many years experience in diagnostic pathology, reference laboratory testing, research and development of IHC cocktails, diagnostic stains and tumor markers, molecular pathology, and hematopathology.  We staff pathologists who specialize in hematopathology, dermatopathology, and diagnostic research.

We are located in California and will ship tissue specimens anywahere in the USA for next day delivery.